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Trials and Tribulations of an Author
I earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Miami University of Ohio. I’ve self-published two novellas, Kept and Kept: Book Two. My former career at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) as a Claims Service Specialist proved turbulent and life changing–-for the worst. Sexual harassment, hostile work environment and continuous retaliation ran rampant at the bureau.
For instance, my immediate supervisor once claimed the following: “Here comes Tracey Lampley in her come-fuck-me-shoes.” This and other events eventually led to my disability retirement but not before I filed workplace violation charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
Life at the bureau got so bad that I filed a lawsuit. What a mistake! In a not-to-be-believed ending of that suit, my attorney missed the deadline for the statute of limitations. Or so it seemed.

For almost two decades I’ve been feeling the repercussions of filing that EEOC complaint that was allegedly dismissed. The EEOC gave me a right-to-sue letter allegedly because I’d hired an attorney to file suit against the Ohio BWC for hostile work environment and sexual harassment as the agency wrongfully terminated me after I complained of those charges, and the agency practiced continuous retaliation.
Years after leaving BWC, and one house foreclosure later, I returned to part-time work for a different employer, which was Mercy Healthplex, the hostile work environment, sexual harassment and continuous retaliation intensified.

I filed a workplace violation charge with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (Don’t let the words civil rights fool you), and the OCRC worked overtime to interfere with and damn near destroy every single one of my relationships–-romantic, familial or otherwise.
Eventually I took a medical leave of absence and never returned to that job. Since then, I’ve relocated to Philadelphia before finally settling in Georgia. Surviving solely off my disability retirement, I was just lost. But the continuous retaliation continues to this day. Now I’m fighting back.

Please join me on my journey as I blog the information. Feel free to post comments as I give you a lesson on filing workplace violation charges with Fair Employment Practices Agencies.
Fair Employment Practices Agencies are agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC). Be certain and clear you want to file a charge because your life–as you know it–ends. You will be torn down just to see if you can rise from the ashes. No joke. Not only should you proceed with caution, but you should hire an attorney to fill out the workplace violation charge.

If you self-complete the charge, you will regret it.
So beware and read the lessons I’ve learned. Better still, buy copies of the upcoming release of my book Tracey Lampley Surviving the EEOC and disperse to all your working loved ones. With that being said, read my daily posts.
April 13 2016
Today is the day I realized I must return to Cincinnati, Ohio and dare the police to jail me for aggravated menacing. Why am I facing this charge? The Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) retaliated against me for telling anyone who’d listen–-including Ohio U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman and Ohio Assemblywoman Margaret Condit that its agents and supervisors were interfering with my life and trying to force psychiatric drugs on me.
Now, I know what you’re thinking: Oh boy, here we go. But the OCRC wanted to force me to take those drugs so that I could endure more continuous retaliation. Imagine someone effing with you in order to get you to take meds so they will be able to eff with you more. I’ll tell you how they finally forced psyche meds on me in my book.

To say the least, that was awful. Snitching on the rogue OCRC representatives led to that bogus charge against me as retaliation for not keeping the endless fact-finding investigation a secret. Even now I’m not supposed to discuss this. But I’m fed up.
First, let me explain: I cannot be jailed while participating in a fact-finding investigation conducted jointly by the EEOC and the OCRC. Why can’t I be jailed? No one can go to jail for participating in a workplace violation charge. And if the fair employment practices agency (FEPA) believes you are about to commit a crime, they must stop the fact finding investigation.

So even when you prove to the cops that you’re being stalked by your employer’s private investigators and stalked by FEPAs agents, that person or persons can’t be jailed. I’ll tell you about those experiences in my book.
Now, I could have probably ended this ordeal back in 2009 if I’d told someone I was going to rob a bank, and the OCRC, EEOC and other FEPAs believed I intended to do just that. But I didn’t know that in 2009. Besides, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a fake gun because I’m not that kind of person. I didn’t know I could end a fact-finding investigative process by making them believe I intended to commit a crime, so I endured the stalking.

I know. I know. Crazies always say the government is watching them. In this case, it’s true. The OCRC and EEOC always have eyes on me. I’m so accustomed to it that I ignore it now.
But ignoring it was not always the case. So, let’s get this out of the way. After being surveillanced (I’m making this word a verb) for months, I holed up in my apartment and didn’t leave it for a week at a time, only leaving to grocery shop and rent movies from Blockbuster. I watched movies and lived off my disability even though it wasn’t enough. But I couldn’t return to Mercy HealthPlex; I wasn’t strong enough, and the employer and its employees had traumatized me. The fact-finding process had traumatized me. Then I broke. In December 2009 I endured a nervous break. Here, I’ll skim over the gory details, but in my book, watch out.
Imagine never inviting your co-workers over to your home, but they knew exactly how your bedroom was decorated and what you kept on your nightstand at any given time. I found myself checking for hidden cameras! I’ll speak more on that later. In fact, in my forthcoming book, Tracey Lampley Surviving the EEOC, I will tell you the top five (5) things you should beware. Trust me: FEPAs do not want this revealed. But I will reveal their dangerous games.
But getting back to what happened today. I applied for a new apartment and was denied an apartment because of that bogus aggravating menacing charge, which is a misdemeanor. Hanging that charge around my neck rises to continuous retaliation on the part of the OCRC, EEOC, FEPAs, the state of Ohio and Mercy HealthPlex.
Whew! How does one fight all of that? One agency at a time. And by blogging. Remember: My upcoming book will help you avoid the pitfalls and trauma of enduring a fact-finding investigation. In fact, if you are reading this post, you’re already traumatized. Here is where I’ll leave you for today. Until tomorrow . . .
April 14 2016
As I stated yesterday, the ball rolled after my supervisor at Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) was suspended for stating, “Here Comes Tracey Lampley in her come-fuck-me-shoes.”
Of course, I was humiliated, and I felt violated. So I reported my supervisor, and BWC suspended her. And although my work environment was already hostile before she uttered those words, my supervisor lent validation to attacking and assassinating my character. Suddenly co-workers bombarded me with sexual innuendo—even alluding that I was a prostitute and offering cheap burgers as payment.
You see: I must have asked to be sexually harassed as my figure was curvy, my personality was bubbly, and my face was pretty. After taking disability retirement, that all changed. I’m no longer the person I used to be. In fact, I’m mourning my life. That is the reason for this blog. That is the reason I went on a messy rant yesterday.
FACT: Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) fact-finding investigations take up to one (1) year. So how is my case still open? It is still open because I never blinked. My two employers threw everything–-including the kitchen sink–-at me, and I never waivered from what truly happened.
Plus, I did not know that taking a medical leave-of-absence opens you up to shenanigans outside the workplace such as 24-hour surveillance and indefinite interference with your life including everyday activities and relationships.

All of a sudden everyone you come in contact with effs with you by laughing at you for instance. This seems minor, but it can be harassing especially if you complain about it. If you go to an attorney for advice on how to deal with the fact-finding investigation, he/she laughs at you. If you tell your family doctor, she laughs at you. And whoa if you tell your shrink. I refuse to discuss the matter with her now even when she prods me.
My advice: Don’t complain. The EEOC and OCRC will turn your complaints into epic battles and make you look like a fool. Scratch that—make you sound crazy!
Whew! Now about yesterday. Yesterday was messy. I’m still fuming about the long-term effects of filing a workplace violation charge with Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs) like the EEOC and the OCRC. However, informing cyberspace is not only revenge but a sliver of justice. I said a sliver because only a termination to the fact-finding process will give me some of my life back. Receiving back wages as well as punitive damages will satisfy me!
How will I collect back wages and punitive damages? By writing my way to a settlement is how. Writing is what I do. And blogging my upcoming book, Tracey Lampley Surviving the EEOC, will help me connect to not only readers like you but employees involved in similar situations.
Tip of the day: If you receive a right-to-sue letter from a FEPA (Fair Employment Practices Agency like EEOC or OCRC), don’t believe it-–especially when you know depositions support your claim of discrimination by hostile work environment, sexual harassment and continuous retaliation.

You see sexual harassment is difficult to prove. In a hostile work environment, no one supports you. Because their jobs may be on the line, they flee from you. Now, do not trust a right-to-sue letter after you are still experiencing the same stalking and interference with your life that you experienced prior to receiving that damn right-to-sue letter. You’ll think it’s over and will live to regret it.
Follow me. Stick with me. Share my blog posts. Tell people about it. And if you have a similar story, I may let you guest blog. Contact me at: Until tomorrow . . .
Tracey Lampley is the author of Kept and Kept Book Two
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•   13th April 2016

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