My Favorites

Dark Waters (A Deborah Jones Crime Thriller)Dark Waters was a gripping read, and J.B. Turner has done   it again, weaving a brilliant plot with dynamic characters. This is an edge-of-your-seat   thriller and a must-read, keeping you up late into the night. I rate it   a perfect 5 stars!

Product DetailsFranklin C. Thomas has weaved a masterful plot that keeps you glued to the book’s pages.  This book’s structure helped move the plot along. Because of the book’s storytelling, I can overlook a few editing snafus. The book was truly a knockout! Overlooking the   snafus, I rate it 5 stars.

Product DetailsJB Turner has really done it. He’s managed to keep me wide awake in the wee hours of the night. By portraying deeply flawed characters, JB has spun a sensational story that should keep readers glued to “Miami Requiem’s” pages. Outstanding!! Move over James Patterson. Here comes J.B. Turner. I rate this novel a perfect 5 stars!

Product DetailsKym Jackson has written an outstanding manual that’s practical and extremely informative. If you’re interested in the acting business, this book’s for you. If you know someone—as I do-who’s interested in breaking into movies and/or television, gift them this book, as it contains all the information required to survive in Hollywood. It’s simple: Buy this book and save yourself and/or your love ones wasted time and energy navigating the system. I highly recommend this book. I rate it a perfect 5 stars!

The AvengedThe Avenged shocks and surprises in all the right places. It truly is a page-turner. The author weaves a masterful plot. Overlooking the editing and formatting snafus, I rate this book a five-star read.

Patriarch RunI love it when an author thrusts you into immediate conflict and action, and that’s what Benjamin Dancer does in Patriarch Run. It wasn’t just plot-driven; it was also filled with great characters. A page-turning read!


Transfixion kept me transfixed! The author placed a premium on characterization, which was uncanny. The plot was brilliant. Kaylee is both brave and resourceful, showing strong characterization. This book is well worth its price. I recommend this book as it is a five-star read.

Paper Doll doles out plenty of suspense. From the start, the author plunges you into it. The ending pays off big time. The setting, the characterization and the plot keep you turning the pages. If you’re up for suspense, this book is for you. I rate this book a five-star read.

Product Details I have never read M/M stories before. But this series, Eros Series, has me hooked. The talented author Vyrania has crafted a dynamite serial. I usually don’t read serials, but I  am into this one. The white-hot sex is not gratuitous and it advances the storyline. It wasn’t until the fourth installment that the author introduced violence, also not gratuities but advances the storyline of an actor’s relationship with a stripper.


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