Review Rating System

  • The rating system used is based upon my desire to reread a book:
    • 5 Stars – Will reread countless times
    • 4 Stars – Will pick it up to reread my favorite parts
    • 3 Stars – It was good the first time around, but most likely will not reread
    • 2 Stars – Barely got through it first time around
    • 1 Star – Did not finish/threw it against the wall
  • The sensuality rating at the bottom of each review is fluid and is loosely intended to inform the readers on the amount of sex to expect in a book:
    • Hot – Detailed, descriptive, explicit sexual activity (e.g., Victoria Dahl, Elizabeth Hoyt)
    • Steamy – On-the-page sex, but the physicality is implied or described metaphorically (e.g., Nora Roberts, Mary Balogh)
    • Mild – Off-the-page sex or sex described vaguely (e.g., Susan Wiggs, Kristan Higgins)
    • Minimal – Not much more than mild kissing

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