Review Request

I aim to assist indie authors especially. With that being said, please ensure that your book is edited to the hilt. I review the following genres: romantic suspense (my favorite), thrillers, crime fiction, light erotica and some YA.

What I won’t review: Religious overtones & Horror.

My opinions are my own, and I do not get paid to review books. This is a hobby. I review on a star rating scale with one star being the worst and five stars being the best. Generally, I don’t give five stars. A three or four stars is good. If your book falls below that, I will notify you privately, and if you wish that I post the rating anyway, I will.

For review request, please submit the following: title, page count, genre, blurb, book cover and sample chapter. If this information tempts me, I will request the book. I only accept PDF format. Accepting the book does not guarantee a review as the book may be so bad that I’m unable to finish the book.

I will review your book provided you read and follow my blog Comment on the content of my blog including my mission statement and bio, get three other people to do the same, then email me a PDF of your book. My email address is:


1 thought on “Review Request

  1. Pete Barber

    Hi, I found you in the Indieview reviewers list. I’m seeking reviews for my new romantic suspense novel–Love Poison (300 pages). Once on your site, I noticed you participate in Blog Tours. My publisher is running the Love Poison Blog Tour Oct 27th – Nov 14th.

    This link will take you to the Blog Tour signup page which also gives Love Poison’s cover, blurb, and 1st chapter. .

    Thanks for your time. And thank you for reviewing . . . Pete Barber


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